Saturday, 28 February 2009

My Friday evenings in Thailand

Well it's that time again folks, the weekend is here and upon us again! What shall we do?I finish work on Friday's at 1.40, lucky old me, I know! So it's off out of the school gates at hight speed with my bag slung over my shoulder.

Then it's straight on the back of a motorcycle taxi to the end of the soi and from there I jump off and foot slog it for exactly another 10 minutes until I reach the bus stop.

At the bus stop I wait for the first bus to come along and then I jump on it. Five minutes later I'm jumping off it and crossing the road to the mall Bang khae.

At the mall, I jump into a mini van and off we go. 20 minutes later I'm arriving at big king bang yai where I get on the back of another motorcycle and 5 minutes later I'm hoping off at my condo, I'm home and the weekend is young.

If everything has gone to plan it's about 2.20 to 2.30 pm. Then it's hit the shower grab all of my clothes and dump them at the laundry across the road and the next time I'll see them is on Sunday night all washed and nicely ironed for Monday.

So I get back to the condo, and do a bit of heavy duty loafing around, surfing and generally take it real easy in the heat of the afternoon sun on my balcony.

Roll on a few hours and gf arrives home from work in her car around about 7pm. I jump in and off we go to carrefour and to the M.K restaurant. We order a good kick ass meal with a nice spicy dip and have a small feast. All for a princely sum around 350 baht. Then it's off to the dvd hire shop to choose a western film to watch.

We arrive back at the condo where I buy a bottle of chang and a small can of chang and then up to my room. Lie down on the bed relax and watch a dvd. Me, my gf and chang! What a great combination.

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