Saturday, 26 September 2009

Are you looking to make a career teaching English as a foreign language abroad? Or are you simply just after landing an esl teaching position somewhere? Well it doesn't really matter too much because has been launched!

Yes, esl initially will be dealing with esl jobs in Thailand and China. However we intend to eventually cover places like Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Esl jobs 4 teachers .com will be your source of teaching vacancies for Asia and Thailand. You'll be able to download free ebooks about teaching in Thailand and esl related subjects from degrees to tefl courses.

Employers can post their job vacancies on for free! Yes, that's free esl job advertising!


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Teaching the Present Continuous in the esl classoom

One thing that is guaranteed to put your students to sleep will be any mention of the word grammar! I think it's fair to say that grammar is not the most exciting part of learning any language. However one does have to occasionally touch upon it now and again, it can't simply be totally put to one side and avoided for ever.

Now in my esl lessons I've always tried to avoid grammar as much as possible for a few good reasons.

1.I don't like it that much.

2.The students think it's boring

3.It can sometimes over complicate a lesson and thus create confusion amongst the students, especially the younger ones.

How to present grammar in an interesting fashion

The way you present something can either have a positive effect or the reverse. Just think about the times you've tried to learn a foreign language. Take a look at the back of that book for all those verb lists and tenses written down, you kinda take a glimpse and then banish them forever!

Not that these lists are useless. No, far from it they are very necessary in most cases and make a great reference for later learning when you become more advanced in the language you are learning.

The present continuous

If you're not sure what that is, then simply put it's the ing form of the verb.

Something that is happening right now, something that you or someone else is doing right now.

For example:

He is speaking

She is writing

I'am talking

Present continuous esl student game

1. Prepare in advance a list of phrases with the present continuous...

I'am singing, he is reading, They are talking, He is skiing, They are walking etc

2.Split the class into teams, let's say Team A and Team B

3. Invite a student to the front of the class and have him her or them mime one of your phrases.

4. The other students have to guess what the student or students are miming.

5. The first student to call out the correct answer, eg... He is walking, they are running gets one point for his or her team.


Make as many phrases as you can and remember to cut them up into individual strips so that you can put them away and use again at a later date with another class.

This is a great esl classroom game and your students will love acting out the mimes. It's also a great way to present and teach grammar in the esl classroom!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Crackdown on back to back tourist visas in Thailand

Thailand has decided to crack down on people who get back to back tourist visas. They claim that the visa is being misused by foreigners who then use it to illegally seek employment during their stay.

So it looks like the days of continually picking up a two month tourist visa from surrounding consulates eg Laos, Singapore and Cambodia are drawing to a close.

The Thai government is now trying to encourage long term stayers to get themselves onto the one year non immigration visa, which can be extended up to a year.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Teach for ftc_Asia in Thailand & China

Our featured language school of the week this week is ftc Asia. Now for many people out there who have been around the esl teaching scene in Thailand for any length of time. You might be scratching your head and saying ftc what???

Ftc Asia is a relative newcomer to the Thailand esl scene. This school has been in existence since around about mid 2005 now.

The owner of this language school used to work for Siam Computer and the British American before deciding to set up a Thailand teachers union called ftc, ftc stood for foreign teachers committee.

The teaching union however didn't really take off and after that ftc morphed into a fully functional private language school employing a handful of staff at local schools in and around Bangkok and Nonthaburi.


Ftc asia has a branch which is it's main head office in Pak kret Nonthaburi. Rumour has it that it's also opened a place in Bangkok somewhere.

Where you'll work

Ftc asia has school contracts all over the city. You could even find yourself doing private classes at their head office and sometimes you'll get the odd corporate teaching gig coming your way!

If you'd prefer to work in China then this can be arranged. The owner Arthur Wood has many school contracts in the peoples republic of China too! So if China's your thing then ftc might just be the school you're looking for!

Work permits

Work permits are supplied depending on if you have the necessary paperwork. Eg a degree, otherwise it'll be visa runs for you!

What's ftc Asia like to work for?

Ftc Asia is a good company to work for and the boss Arthur Wood is a very sociable type of guy, who likes to take his employees out every now and again!

How do I get in contact with ftc Asia?

At this time of writing ftc Asia don't have a website up and running, however here is some contact info for you...

Arthur Wood

Mobile 66(0) 6562 8178

Office 66(0) 2964 0023


Address: 37/35 moo 5 look-in tupsaeng building, soi suankularb, wittayalai, pakkred nonthaburi Thailand.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Quick esl gap filling games for your English lesson

How can you easily fill that gap at the end of the lesson? You know when you've finished all of your teaching materials and you've been left with that 10 minute gap that needs to be filled.

If you don't fill it with something those kids will start to get restless and the noise level will increase as all the kids start chatting and messing around.

What you need is a game or two! Nothing too complicated and what better way to finish your esl lesson than on an exciting game. The kids will love you for it too!

Here's a couple of ideas you can try out...

Simple simon says

Great game and very simple, you can make many variations on this theme though mostly it'll go along these lines.

1.Start off by saying Simple Simon says..... touch your head!

2.Simple Simon says... touch your nose!

3. Simple Simon says... touch your foot!

You can use body parts or ask the students to do actions like jump in the air, turn around etc. It's really up to you and you can also tailor it to the needs and level that you're teaching.

Backward sentences

A great game for getting kids to revise what they've already learned. You'll need to prepare for this game beforehand.

1. Make a list of sentences that the kids are familiar with.

2. Reverse the sentences eg. What's your name? becomes name your what's?

3.Split the kids into teams

4. Call out the first sentence you have. eg name your what's?

5.The first team to call out the correct answer... What's your name? gets a point.

This game not only helps you to revise lesson material that you've previously taught. It's also good for helping esl students create grammatically correct English and promotes correct word order.