Thursday, 26 November 2009

Filipino job employment teaching English in Thailand

Thailand is looking for Filipino teachers mostly to fill positions and government jobs teaching English in private schools and for private language agencies all around the kingdom. One of the reasons that Filipino teachers are now being so eagerly sought after for teaching jobs in government schools and alike is the fact that employer know...

Filipino teachers are hard working.

Filipino teachers tend to have the same Asian outlook on work and culture etc.

Filipino teachers are very dedicated. They will do more than what is asked of them.

Filipino teachers work for less money. Though I must point out here that the money Filipino teachers get in Thailand does go along way in their home country.

Filipino teachers will rarely complain if the conditions are not up to scratch.

Filipino teachers for the most part all have degrees.

Filipino teachers like to do all that boring paperwork.

Filipino teachers will often work overtime for little or no reimbursement.

Filipino teachers usually speak and understand English very well. Better than most other Asians.

Though given all of the above sometimes Filipino teachers have a hard time finding teaching jobs and ESL positions here in Thailand. The fact really is that most employers tend to be biased towards native speaking white skinned English teachers. Now this is understandable for the most part. For example... He/she is teaching his/her own native tongue and so is far superior to that of a non native speaker. But hey this is Thailand and Thailand has a chronic shortage of English teachers! So they really need all the teachers they can get! Slowly but surely Thailand is waking up to this fact after a rather long slumber in the land of denial!

Filipino teachers are now starting to find themselves very much in demand these days! Especially when looking for government jobs, jobs at private schools and teaching jobs in general. Filipino teachers have never had it so good! Filipino teachers jobs and vacancies here!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Online English teaching jobs for remote workers

Would you like a job where you could just work straight from home? No need to travel to work everyday and waste hours sat in traffic jams!Then teaching English as a foreign language via the internet could just be the answer to all your dreams.

How it works!

This is basically how it works in a very concise nutshell! You sign up with a Japanese company called Englisheverywhere, who specialize in teaching Japanese students. They will then give you an online interview as well as a sound check and a video check to make sure that all your computer hardware software is functioning etc.

If they like you and you pass their online web cam interview, and I believe they judge their teachers on how they present themselves and their facial looks and you've filled all their other criteria, you'll then be given some log in details. You can log into your account and wait for details of your first job.

At the web cam interview you'll most probably be asked if you can work what they call jump in lessons. Jump in lessons are basically where you're expected to sit by your computer all day / night long just in case a student decides on the spur of the moment that they want to have an extra lesson that hasn't already been booked.

They will log into the system which will normally be msn/ yahoo or skype and if you are online they will contact you.You can then do an ad lib wing it type of lesson with the student.

A word of warning here. At the interview you'll be asked if you're willing to do this kind of lesson. If your answer be NO. Then you'll most probably not get the job! One has to remember this is a Japanese set up and you'll most probably be expected to fall on your sword if anything goes wrong!

Most lessons are 30 minutes to an hour in duration. Normally teachers are expected to teach 30 minute lessons. You'll be expected to fill in a time/lesson plan sheet and submit it rather sharpishly, if you don't then you might have problems when coming to claim your money.

You'll normally be paid by pay pal so you really do need to get yourself a pay pal account if you haven't already got one. You will be expected to create your own lessons and materials. Suppose that's not a bad thing, it gives you personal control over what you teach and how you teach it.

Pay is 800 yen per 30 minute class. Though you'll have to have a read through some of their rather anal terms and conditions. Fine here for this, fine if you don't do that, show up 10 minutes late, don't wear a tie. Haha last one was a joke, though you can see where I'm coming from here. I personally don't blame them for being strict after all they are running a business. However you can go a little too far in some places!

Overall thoughts???

It's not a bad idea, though you'll have to take into consideration the time difference between your home country and Japan when arranging your teaching schedules etc.

My last thoughts are maybe there are other companies out there that offer a better more relaxed deal! Englisheverywhere might just be good for a bit of extra beer money!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Compare the tefl courses with

So you're a new budding recruit to the ESL teaching industry here in Thailand. You've made that decision to travel thousands of miles from your home country and come over here to the land of smiles to ply your trade in the tefl English teaching industry. Well you've made a good choice not only will you find that teaching English can be one of the most rewarding occupations going you'll also find that you will make memories that will last you a life time!

So why do a tefl course anyway?

If you're seriously set on a teaching career teaching English as a foreign language, then a tefl certificate is a real handy piece of paper to have! Why???

It's recognized throughout the world by all major ESL employers

It gives you a good solid grounding on teaching and ESL techniques

It looks good on a C.V no matter what job you're applying for

It prepares you for all aspects of ESL teaching

It will give you the confidence and the necessary tools you need

It's a passport to world travel

Okay I want to do a tefl course but there are so many courses about, where do I start?

One of the greatest dilemmas to face any one who is looking to make a career as an ESL teacher is the question of what tefl course to take? The market is literally flooded out with tefl course providers offering courses. You could take a...

Classroom based course

A cd rom based course

A tefl diploma course

A taster course

An online course

A distance course

The list goes on! And without proper guidance it can be difficult to know where to start! Fortunately for the newcomers to this industry is here to help you!

Tefl teaching courses aims to provide you with a list of tefl course providers contact details and a short description of each course provider. Thus enabling you to make a more informed decision when choosing the tefl course. So choosing the right tefl course has never been easier!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

ESL teacher burnout the faqs

One thing that can effect English teachers the world over is the problem of burnout! You ask ten teachers about it and you'll almost certainly receive ten different blow by blow accounts of it and it's effects.

What causes burnout?
Burnout is a phrase coined by chalkies over here to describe a condition that occurs through overwork and too much teaching. One of the worst things a newcomer to English teaching can do is work too many hours, especially if they're a teaching rookie!

Now, you might be thinking... well that would never happen to me because I wouldn't teach so many hours! However, place yourself in the shoes of a new teacher or a newcomer to the ESL teaching scene. Now, coupled with the facts that some teachers may not be as qualified as others which makes landing teaching jobs a little harder for them and you have a teacher eager and willing to please his or her boss!

In other words a lot of teachers will work like horses and do just about anything the school bosses ask of them early in their ESL teaching careers. You see the path to the dark side emerging here???

What are the symptoms of burnout?

The symptoms of burnout can be many and varied. Normally they manifest themselves in several common forms.

1. Teacher gets angry and very irritable with people and students.

2. Teachers lessons start to go down hill, no proper preparation, poor lesson plans etc.

3.Teacher starts to miss days,and goes off sick a lot.

4.Loss of interest in the job, the students and the lessons.

5. The teacher could brake down and cry, as the nerves are usually in taters.

What's the cure?

The cure is very simple. Reduce your teaching hours! If you're teaching 30 hours per week, bring it down to about 18 hours per week. Do not overload yourself! You will only get away with it for so long! If you take on too much teaching work, you will suffer! Maybe not now, but it will get you eventually!

Just because you don't feel it for the first month or so BE WARNED BURNOUT IS IN THE POST AND IT'S ADDRESSED TO YOU!

Friday, 6 November 2009

English teachers urgently needed in Thailand!

Would you like to live in the exotic land of Thailand and teach English to Thai students? Are you interested in learning the Thai language and immersing yourself in Thai culture? Are you interested in helping students develop their English language skills?

If this is you, then teaching English in Thailand is the job for you! There are many ways to get into the ESL teaching industry over here and many routes. A lot will depend upon your qualifications and experience. Here are a few bare bones examples.

I'm a backpacker wanting to teach English in Thailand. I don't have any English teaching certificates and I lack a degree. Oh by the way I have a basic certificate in wood work, will that help?

Advice: You can still find a teaching gig in Thailand, many low end types of jobs to be had here. The pay will be low, the hours long, and you won't get a work permit! You'll be forced to do visa runs

I have experience Teaching English and I have a tefl certificate but no degree!

Advice: You will be able to easily land a job, the tefl certificate will be a big help. However you'll end up doing visa runs. You might be lucky, and I stress lucky here to get a work permit! All down to your employer and jis or her pull with the powers that be!

I have a degree, a tefl and experience teaching English

You are gods gift to the Thailand ESL teaching industry. Wake up every morning go out side onto your luxury apartments balcony and shout out loud POM PEN AJARN DII THII SUT MII PARINYAA TRII LE MII TEFL DUAY KON THAI MII CHOOK DII MAAK PHRO WAA POM MAA THII NII HAI SORN! I'm the best English teacher! I have a degree and a tefl! thai's are lucky because I've come here to teach!

You sum of a gun! You can demand great teaching jobs in international schools. You do not need to take any kind of poo poo. If your degree is in the area of education then the sky's the limit for you!