Friday, 9 April 2010

Oh no, look out. It's the real Thailand ESL teachers!

Oh no, look out. It's the real Thailand ESL teachers!

After having various newcomers to the Thai ESL scene email me and tell me about forums full of teacher burnouts / rude flammers, I've decided to clarify the situation for new teachers who aren't yet aware of this growing phenomenon here in Thailand.

We used to use the term above in jest amongst ourselves when referring to certain ESL teachers here in Thailand. Any Thailand teacher will be familiar with the real teachers here.

So who are the real Thailand teachers then?

In a nutshell these individuals can work anywhere in the ESL business in Thailand. And when you meet them they always like to moan and put down other teachers, claiming that they are not real teachers, they can't teach, they hurt the kids education and should be chucked out. They themselves are of course the real teachers and the utmost authority on teaching in Thailand.

What are the real teachers afraid of then?

Basically in their eyes any tefler who comes to Thailand and lands a teaching job.

Why would they be afraid of that?

There number 1 excuse and they chant it like a mantra is... these under qualified individuals are lowering wages for us real teachers here.

So who incures their wrath then?

Go to certain Thailand teaching forums and create a thread along the lines of... I've just passed my tefl certificate and I'm looking for a teaching job without a degree, where should I go! That should just be enough to get yourself flammed to death by them!

Are the real teachers real teachers themselves?

Funnily enough I worked with a few over the years and one claimed he had a degree, that turned out to be a fake which got him jailed, and the others didn't have anything more than nvq's and city & guilds certificates in unrelated fields!

So why are the real teachers making a lot of fuss over nothing, lets all get on right?

The Real teachers have low self esteem. They try to boost it by putting down others, and pretending to be something they're not. This gives their fragile egos a temporary lift and makes them in their own minds feal important amongst their mainly internet peers. However, with low self esteem / poor self image, this is only a temporary fix, because the ego comes crashing back down to zero within no time at all. They're literally left at square one again.

How can I avoid the real teachers?

If you detect one on your internal loony radar at school, do not engage them. Get rid of them avoid at all costs. Don't get involved in ESL teachers forums, these places are breeding grounds for these particular individuals.

If they are persistent just inform them quietly in the staff room, that you'll rip them a new one if they continue to annoy, sorted!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

ESL teaching jobs available in Nonthaburi 2010

ESL teaching jobs available in Nonthaburi 2010

The Nonthaburi teachers project in Thailand is now looking to recruit possibly 100s of teachers for placements in government schools all over Nonthaburi province.

Briefly what is the Nonthaburi project?

The Nonthaburi teachers project is a local government funded initiative to place foreign teachers in Thai high schools, it's partly managed by Ramkhamhaeng university.

Who are they looking to recruit?

They're looking to recruit ESL English teachers to teach conversational English to high school students ranging from prathom to mattayom level.

I'm a non native English speaker, will they hire me?

Yes, so long as you can speak English and have teaching experience. However native speakers are given priority, but there's plenty of jobs to go round and too few native speakers to fill the positions!

What do they pay?

Native speakers usually command around 40,000 baht per month dependent upon qualifications others tend to get less.

I'm a Filipino will I get hired?


I don't have a degree, will this be a disadvantage?

Not having a degree will always be a slight disadvantage whilst teaching over here. Though in the past this hasn't mattered too much here, teachers were hired.

Will I get a work permit?

Yes, that's one thing that they are keen on doing, getting their teachers legal. However who will pay for this might be down to you or them. See how it goes!

How many hours will I work?

18-25 per week depending upon your school.

When do they start?

1st May 2010 so get your skates on!

I'm interested how can I contact them?

Contact info here

Friday, 2 April 2010

1000's of ESL teaching positions available in Thailand

1000's of ESL teaching positions available in Thailand!

Yes, very already the mad scramble to recruit new ESL teachers in Thailand is on! What's meant by this? Well for those not in the loop let me briefly explain.

Thailand has two main teaching semesters, especially in the government school / private school sectors. They are as follows...

Mid May through to the end of October and then November through to roughly about March. Now to the ESL teacher out there this means that schools are desperate to fill there teaching quotas for the forthcoming new term. Many English teachers in Thailand simply move on, get better jobs or move elsewhere, this leaves plenty of teaching positions left vacant and the big plus point here is that schools usually have problems filling their teaching voids! So it's really a teachers market. You just need to know how to tap it!

I'm new to the English teaching scene here in Thailand, how do I go about finding a teaching job?

Well this is a common problem for most new teachers here in Thailand. However our sister site can help you out. We have an abundance of ESL teaching jobs to suit most teachers, from novice teachers to more seasoned teachers. We also have the addresses of some of the biggest private language schools in Thailand so you can apply directly to them.

So if you're looking for an ESL English teaching job in Thailand then look no further than

Good luck with the teaching job!