Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thailand Ajarn's wanting to Teach English in Cambodia

Over the past few years Teaching English in Thailand has become increasingly more difficult for foreign Teachers.

The main reasons for this being is that the Thai authorities have slowly wised up to the fact that a lot of foreign Teachers they were employing in their schools weren't quite as qualified as they should be. To be a Teacher in Thailand requires a degree in any field, those with education degrees are given preference.

The days of the unqualified backpacking Teachers are all but over. These days you have to do things like take the Thai culture course and go on teaching courses in order to qualify for a teachers license. Along with the ever changing visa rules & regulations has made Thailand a tricky place to teach these days.

So what do you do if you don't meet the above criteria? There is a place that will welcome you with open arms. Are you a drunk? Have you got an drugs problem, mental illness perhaps, or just a complete loser? Don't worry Cambodia awaits you. As one article called it, the last chance saloon for English teachers.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Living & Teaching English in Thailand for the over 40s

Will moving to Thailand and Teaching English be the answer to my prayers?

How many of us just want to up sticks and make a new life in Thailand? Especially with the current economic climate that exists now in the west. Having been to Thailand on holiday and enjoying a short vacation here many guys think that this might just be the right move to make.

Age does make a huge difference if you want to live in Thailand

If you are 40 and over is it a good idea to just pack up your life in the west and move over to Thailand? Well the answer to this all depends upon your financial situation. If you can afford to move to Thailand and can sustain yourself while you're here then yes definitely! I've met guys in their 40s who've retired early with a small lump sum and a modest pension that are quite happily living in Thailand. A lot of their time they'll supplement their modest pensions with a part time teaching job. This allows them to get out and meet other people whilst earning a bit of extra beer money.

I'm 40 or over and am bored with the U.K I want to Teach English in Thailand

Firstly ask yourself, am I having a mid life crisis? No, Okay you intend to leave your home and come over to Thailand to live out the rest of your days living and Teaching English in Thailand, sounds like a great plan or not?

Do you have a degree? If the answer is no then you'll have trouble securing a work permit for Teaching here. 

Do you have a retirement plan? Answer, no by any chance? This is a bad idea, Thailand will not provide you with a pension and when you get too old to work, you'll be booted out!

Are you in good robust health? Even if you are, who knows what the future may hold for you health wise. If your health starts to fail you'll then have to pay for all your medical care.

Health insurance is the only word I need to know it'll take care of everything!  

That's what the companies that sell these plans would like you to think. In reality what happens if you're incapacitated for any length of time? Lets say you get the big C? Guess what you can't work which means you can't keep up with the insurance payments which in turn means your cover will expire!

My company provides my health insurance cover I'm alright jack!  

A lot of companies will provide health insurance. However, take a look how much you're insured for. With some companies it might only be enough to cover a trip to casualty and a few aspirins!

Next time how to live and work in Thailand permanently...