Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Your English Teaching Job In Thailand

As the saying goes you'll never get rich teaching English in Thailand. However, for most dedicated ajarn's out there it's not about the money. It's about the love. Love of the teaching job in Thailand they do. It's also about educating young minds. It's about seeing that smile on a kids face when they finally comprehend the language point you're trying to get across. And for anyone whose ever experienced it. It's about Thai culture. Not only can teaching English in Thailand be a great career, it also gives lots back in cultural and language experiences.

However, what always fascinates me is the stories of hard up Ajarn's. You know the  those individuals who can't survive on any less than something ridiculous like 100,000 baht per month! To be quite honest about this I can't understand why? Hey, if your job in Thailand is only paying 30,000 baht per month and you're in poverty, downgrade on that 15,000 baht a month condo! Dump that bar girl! Spend less time in the Nana plaza! Drink a bottle of chang or ten less each week. And if you're really stuck get a part time teaching job or something!

30,000 baht per month should be more than enough to live on. You should easily be able to put 10,000 baht a month in the bank! I know your job in Thailand doesn't pay a western salary. Having said that teaching English here in Thailand shouldn't be a poor affair. What do you think?