Monday, 18 June 2012

Are You Too Old to Teach In Thailand?

Are you getting to old to teach English in Thailand? After a recent spate of farangs deciding to quit teaching English here in Thailand one needs to be asking the question, am I to old to be teaching here in Thailand. Now what should we consider as too old? 35 -40 -45 50??? Apparently there is a new trend in Thailand. I've heard of it happening all across the public sector though only Thais themselves, not farangs at the moment. The trend is letting the newer ones take the jobs. If you've past the 45 years mark then you're time teaching English in Thailand could almost certainly be up! I've Lived In Thailand For Two Decades Now Here's the real sad part. Most farangs here have been living in Thailand for decades. They;re settled down, have wives and families, so what are they supposed to do? Well, if things are changing then maybe grab a ticket home. After that there are the families to relocate. And I'm telling you right now, if you don't have a large pot of gold waiting for you in farangland how are you going to get your wife and family back to live? Sure, the U.K borders won't be slung open for you. Here's the scene... You: Er been living and teaching English in Thailand for 10 years and want to bring my family back to the U.K to settle with me. Immigration: So you have a job full time not temporary then? Do you have somewhere to live dude? You: Er... well, urm, I'm unemployed and living in a bedsit. Well, you know what the possible outcome of that scenario is. Lets just hope that this isn't a trend that will spread to foreign English teachers here in Thailand!